Basic SEO – Key Elements of On Page SEO

To really improve your rankings, following the four steps below are an absolute must.

1) Page Title (<title>……………..</title>)

 Write Title In Title Case (Like I just have, using capitals for each first letter in word).

Keep title length to 60 – 70 Characters max, this means it will not be shortened / cut off when displayed in search results.

Title should be relevant to Article and read well. Add Keyword(s) to title, but do not compromise on description of article.

2) Meta Description (<meta name=”description” content=”………” />)

Keyword rich but still readable.

150 Characters max will display full description in Google Search results.

3) Meta Keywords ( <meta name=”keywords” content=”………..” />)

Google possibly ignores this in terms of a higher ranked position, but other search engines certainly do not. Either way, add in keywords relevant to page. No more than 5 Keywords per page is a safe bet. What Google will do is possibly class as spam if there are too many more Keywords.

4) Page Content.

Content is still the most important factor. What’s the point in having a great ranking site that reads poorly? You need to stimulate and entertain and retain your audience – only powerfully engaging copy will do that.  

Use Headers <h1>………..</h1> to show Search engines Important content. Have Keywords present in these headers where possible.

Remember, You are writing for a Human being, not a google spider.


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