Keyword Search – Digging for Gold!

All too often, People are obsessed with Keywords in terms of SEO. Part of me agrees with this, but there are many other tricks that have to be deployed to get you to the top of Google.

However, Keyword research is VITAL if you wish to succeed and do not let anyone tell you different. Before embarking on any SEO project, You must have researched your keywords. Good knowledge of Keywords will allow you to manipulate your copy using Keywords in text convincingly, without compromising on the quality of reading. Keyword stuffing will not impress your audience and those Google Spiders will know what you are up to. Keep Keywords in copy to between 3 -5 per 100 words. 

You will also be better prepared to Categorise and Title your site more effectively (by Title, I mean each individual article / post). Google spiders will look at both and it is important that you have taken the time to research. Better ranking means working alongside the spiders.

In short, Keyword research should be the foundations of your website. Don’t Overuse them in Copy but do use in Titles and Categories.

Keyword Research – How To….

Google have very kindly produced Keyword tool, a powerful and free tool which is instrumental in Keyword research. Go to Keyword tool and type in what you think would be a good keyword, or what your Site / Article is all about.

For Instance, I typed seo copywriter and was informed that there are 5400 “Global Monthly Searches” (2nd column from right). Interestingly, there are 22,200 for seo copywriting. seo writing gives me 12,100. There was a total of 177 suggestions just from this one entry. Although some will hold no relevance, others will spark inspiration in you. Before you know it, you will have many possible keywords that will be useful to your site.

Next, go and check out your competition. How are they ranking higher? In their home page, go to top left on the toolbar and click VIEW, drop down to SOURCE and in HTML, you will be able to see the line <meta name=”Keywords” content=”……..”

Within the speech marks are that sites Keywords….marvellous! Again, this should provide the inspiration for more keywords suitable to your own site.

Now, type your most relevant keywords into Google. When the results show, look for “SHOW OPTIONS” just below Google search bar on left. Hit this and then drop down to “Wonder Wheel“. This is another free Google tool and for Keyword research, it is dynamite – allowing a more specific, more refined niche search. It’s no good having the most dominant keywords, You will not stand out. You will not rank high.

A little lateral thinking and help from Wonder Wheel will allow you to come up with three to four word phrases. seo copywriter is good, but there are a lot of us out there. seo copywriter uk, although not as high in Global monthly searches, gives me a better chance of ranking due to uniqueness and simply less competition. These Longtail Keywords set you apart and are really what you should be looking for.

So, Three methods for the first part of Keyword Research as listed above are:

* Google Keyword Tool

* “View Source” – Your competitions keywords available to view easily on their own site

* Google Wonder Wheel – for more exact, unique keywords and inspiration for Longtail keywords.

These methods should have provided you with a good amount of Keywords, around 200 is a good number to have at this stage.

I normally compile these in a spreadsheet with Global Monthly Searches column, for example;

Keyword Global Monthly Search Competition
seo copywriter 5400  
seo copywriting 22200  
seo copywriter uk 320  
seo copywriting uk 260  
seo copyrighting 320  

You will notice a competition column, this is the next stage of Keyword research. Let’s find out how effective that “seo copywriting” keyword would be.

Again, go to Google and in the search bar add “seo copywriting”. I mean add the speech marks into the search as well. Google will bring up search results and in top right of screen the following appears;

 Results 110 of about 266,000 for “seo copywriting”. (0.30 seconds) 

This means my competition is 266,000 for 22,222 monthly searches. I wouldn’t rank high with this, rather get lost among my fellow SEO Copywriters. This will not do.

Repeating this process with every Keyword you have so far researched will bear better fruit. I enjoy what could be perceived as a tiresome chore. It’s not, it is Digging for Keyword Gold. It’s raisng the bar, getting the Keywords that were missed, finding that nugget that will help you get found. A nugget would have a low ratio between Global Search and Competition.

Keyword Global Monthly Search Competition
seo copywriter 5400 130000
seo copywriting 22200 266000
seo copywriter uk 320 1400
seo copywriting uk 260 30400
seo copyrighting 320 315

There are two lovely nuggets in the example above. seo copywriter uk has a healthy ratio, one that I can build on with other SEO techniques.

And how about that mis spelling? This is a great example of how incorrect spellings can help. The same amount of searches are performed on “seo copywriter uk” as there are on “seo copyrighting”. As a keyword, it really is gold – look at the competition! At 315, it’s lower than the searches performed.

Good keyword research is easy. Follow everything listed above. Enjoy the challenge and be proud of whatever treasures you have managed to dig up.


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