Link Strategy – The Process

The processes of obtaining links to site is straightforward enough. It does involve time and patience, but if your site is of a suitable standard, Other sites will want to link to yours.

Content Generated Links

“Build it, and they will come” ….But build it really well! I mean, excellent content. Content that is useful and compelling. ADD VALUE TO THE INTERNET! Great content will eventually bring in inbound links. Inbound Links are free and you don’t have to reciprocate the link. The links will come from many different sites that may have a similar theme.

These inbound links, generated by good quality text, are Google Gold. Because of the diversity of sites that may link to you, yet with similar themes, these links will do wonders for your page ranking. Unique, quality content should generate such links.

Link Acquisition

The natural links detailed above come as a result of popular, useful content. From Day one, these are going to be hard to come by. Another linking process is to ask another site to link to yours, As simple as that! You will probably have to link back and that’s fine. The only issue here and it’s an important one – make sure the site in question is of a similar theme. Google is happy for you to link providing it is of use to the audience. If google detects links between two sites that have no relevance, it will not rank you.

The obvious start here is to look at similar sites and get in contact. Remember, you are looking for a high page rank and similar themed sites. If you don’t ask, you are not going to get.

You can also register your site on Website Directories, such as DMOZ. This will hopefully bring some link requests to you.

I have just been made aware of this free to subscribe directory listing from those nice chaps at – This may help you also. 

Use the same Web directories to find similar sites for you to contact.

You can also generate links by leaving comments on other people’s blogs in the “comment” sections. Make sure your comment is interesting and valuable to the Blogs author. Make sure you also leave your URL, you should get a link from their blog to your own site.

To research these blogs, search on google. Put your own theme in speechmarks followed by plus sign and blog, eg;

(“seo” + blog) search on this and you will have blogs relevant to your own theme / topic.

You can also set up Google Alerts for your theme, this will notify you when other blogs are writing about similar content – this is when you need to step in and leave a comment.

Overall, remember it’s always down to what’s inside that counts.

Good content will bring natural links, the best links.

You will have to go and find your own links using the methods above.

The more content and the more links….the more Google will love you.


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