Have You Said Hello To Google Yet?

Now this is easy, but for new sites, also essential practice.

Tell Google all about your site. It will be found eventually, but this will do you no harm.

Simply go to www.google.com. In the top bar (http://www.google.co.uk/) type in “addurl” . (http://www.google.co.uk/addurl )

This will take you to Googles URL site index page. Fill out the boxes and you are done.

Now just search “addurl” and do the same for all the other search engines that you can. This guarantees that you at least be considered in all future searches and is your first step to better ranking.

As a little extra, when you have added URL to Google, it will offer Google Adsense to you. This may not bring in any revenue worth talking about immediatley, but you will eventually receive Ads relevant to your site. Ker-Ching!!!


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