How To Write Perfect Web Copy


Writing web copy is not the same as writing a book. Your Audience will not read every single word on your web page, You must follow the points below to ensure your point is still taken in.

* Title – Make this meaningful. Let your audience know whats coming.

* First Paragraph – An absolute corker first paragraph that must contain everything you want to get across. This has to be very descriptive of the text below. Most web pages are scanned after this point and not read in full – This first paragraph could be your last chance to snare them before they go off somewhere else.

* Short punchy sentences – will retain readers attention for longer periods. Do not over complicate.

* Short Paragraphs – Unlike a book, web text needs to be broken up. It must be easier on the eye. When confronted with a page full of text, readers will turn off.

* Sub Titles – are great for breaking up text and offering a new topic of interest.

* Bullet points – short, punchy, effective, matter of fact, brilliant!

Also offering a reward for getting to the end of your web page is good too! Maybe a link to a similar theme, or a “order now” tab. Do not let your reader come to a dead end, it’s up to you to lead them on.


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