10 Easy one way Links.

Off Page SEO is really all about your links. The Search Engines are going to sit up and take notice of inbound links to your site.

 Although the ten sites listed below are mainly directory sites, It is still well worth your while making sure you are listed and linked.

One way links from these sites are easy to submit. If you are starting a new site, it’s a great first step to get noticed….

DMOZ – submissions are looked at by a Human editor, so the link may be slow in coming. However, it’s worth the wait. This directory is one of the oldest and most respected, and as a result, is trusted by the search engines.

smartlinks – submissions reviewed within 7 days.

oneMission – simply click add a link and you are away.

Arakne links – fill out submission and you should receive one way link .

Jet links – Immediate link.

Search-O-rama – After filling out the submissions, you will receive an email. Return the email to complete link submission.

SearchSight – Incedibly fast and easy.

IllumiRate – Quite similar to DMOZ.

Somuch.com – Again, another very quick link submission.

MavicaNet – quick and easy to follow submission.

The above sites are easy to submit to, but pay particular attention to each sites categories. You need your site to be stored in relevant categories so you may be found that much easier.

Please remember that these are just directory links. Their worth is huge if you are a new site, or if you are starting your link building strategy, but you really need to focus on finding relevant sites or niche areas where you can obtain links.


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