Links…That will Squidoo it!

In the ongoing quest for links, How about this?

Squidoo, apart from being an Authority site, is also easy to use and a fun way of transferring your content on the web. The search engines look upon authority sites like Squidoo and view their links as high value.

If you have your site / blog up and running, but with little or no links, this is a great little tactic.

Start a Squidoo lens (page) and write similar theme to your site / blog. Within each similar themed article, paste in your site’s URL relevant to the article in Squidoo.

You now have a link to your site from an established platform, one of Squidoo’s own lenses.

Now, set up a simple blog on Blogger. Add a link to your Squidoo lens.

Next, do the same with Google Knol, add a link from your Blogger blog to your Knol page.

To complete a lovely link wheel, add a link to your original site from your Knol page. All these links are pointing back to your site and you should notice a difference in rankings.


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