Twitter – Ultimate Networking


So, Your site is up and running. You now need to shout about it, let everyone know about it.

Twitter can help you in so many ways to make sure your content gets through to the right people.

First things first, and I guess this is fairly obvious….Sign up with a Twitter account, listing your own interests and add you site details.

Then you need to check out, Twitter’s “yellow pages”. Here you can search on fellow Twitter users ( I searched “SEO Copywriter” which gave me over 200 results).

Start following these guys, they are your industry peers and it’s good to talk to each other. Some will reciprocate your follow and you will have the start of your audience.

Now, get writing some juicy content. When you feel this is good enough for Tweeting, get it out there.

What would really help to get your article to the correct people is the use of hashtags….

Follow the @hashtags Twitter user ( It will follow you back automatically, and this enables the service to recognize and index your hashtags.

Inserting # before a word makes you more open to searches. If I wanted to get an SEO themed article out to as many people, I would use “#SEO Twitter – Ultimate Networking”. (This is the title of the article you are reading right now, preceeded by #SEO) This will now be more visible on Twitter and your possible audience will grow significantly.

If you are not sure of what would make a good hashtag, do a search in the Twitter search bar. (#SEO brings up absolutely loads of Tweets, so it would be natural to assume it would work for you too.)

Twitter is more than just a micro blogging site, it’s functions are seemingly endless. In terms of Networking and getting your content noticed, with twitter you can shout….very loud!


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