LinkedIn Power!! Maximise your site’s traffic.


LinkedIn is often regarded as a job seeking / networking tool. Be assured, It is so much more!

I recently wrote about the Greatness of Twitter and I stand by all that I said. LinkedIn can do EXACTLY the same for you, but maybe due to the nature of the People signed up to LinkedIn, you can direct your site’s articles to people of real relevance and to a more professional audience.

(Before I get blasted by a load of twits, I do not mean there is a lack of professionalism on Twitter! I am simply offering advice on another social media channel and implying that it might go to a more professional audience with LinkedIn….I’m digging a hole here….You know what I mean, so please no one take offense!)

LinkedIn is a well respected site, Google appreciates this and treats the pages accordingly. LinkedIn is as important as Facebook or Twitter in your social media campaign. 65 Million members that you can direct your site’s articles to and generate interest from a new, different targeted audience is priceless.

SEO TIP 1 – When you are setting up your profile, LinkedIn will supply you with a Public Profile URL. This will be a bog standard URL and will not do anything for you in terms of SEO. Edit this (In Edit My Profile). I have just changed mine and it reads so much better for me! (

SEO TIP 2 – Part of your profile asks you to list your Websites / Blogs in “Additional Information”. The mistake 9 out of 10 of us would make is an easy one, and just as easy to rectify. The section will have a drop down list “My website, My company, My Blog” and so on. Most entries at this point would be the default “website”, don’t follow the crowd! Go to the last choice which is “Other”. This will then give you a box to type into. I have just typed in “SEO Copywriter UK”. This is so much better in terms of SEO and in general appearance than just plain old “Website”.

Now it’s networking Time!!

Go and investigate which groups have already been set up within LinkedIn. I have just joined an SEO Copywriting group with over 550 members. Create your own group and see what happens! Engage and communicate with your peers if you wish.

Now, spread the word!

You now have a real specific target audience – in my case, this one group has 550 members interested in what I want to say – so start publishing your site’s articles. On your new groups page, go to “Start a Discussion”. Here you can address your group and tell them about the article you have just written. Include a link to your article at your site. You have just put your thoughts and ideas out to real credible people. Hopefully, the title of Article and brief synopsis will lure them to your site.

Publish the same article on your profile page, making sure you tick the Twitter button – the same article will then be posted to all your twitter followers.

I left this post for ten minutes and in that time I discovered that I attracted 22 fresh hits to my site. One article, only ten minutes….22 hits! Now repeat this process daily if you can, with compelling, unique content and watch your traffic soar.


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