So, You Need Traffic? Get Social!

Social Media is taking over the world!

But, seriously, this new Media is as exciting as it gets. From tiny acorns (friends reunited – ok, not so tiny) to the might of Facebook, this is the preferred method of communications.

Facebook users total over 400 million, with 50% of active users logging on each day.

Twitter have over 20 million users, Stumble Upon are getting close to 10 million users. LinkedIn has over 65 million in 200 countries.

Enough stats!

Use these Social Media channels to your own advantage. Join relevant groups on Facebook, Find Tweeters with similar interests on Twitter, Join LinkedIn and find your peers and the groups they have formed. Make sure you use Stumble upon in the best way – Use, it’s great for promoting your site’s content to different web users.

When you have joined with everyone relevant to your site in the Social media platforms listed above, get your site’s content out there.

If you have content that adds value to the Internet and not regurgitated someone else’s copy, If you have good, interesting pieces Your peers will welcome your posts.

Make you Titles for these really snappy, It may lead to curiousity and more importantly, a click to your site.

Going back to those crazy stats…You cannot ignore these numbers, some of whom can and will become your audience.


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