The Importance of a Power Title – This May Offend!

The very first thing that your readers will look at will be your article’s title. It is so important that you maximise this chance to pull your readers in. A non descriptive title or an un-interesting title will do you no favours. 

I have pondered long about writing about this particular books title – it is meant to demonstrate the Power of a good title rather than cause offence. The title is so audaciously “tongue in cheek” that it converted me into a buyer. (I need to stress that I do not share the title’s statement as a point of view, but I am going to be brave and say I found it funny, albeit in a shocking way)

The book could have been called “Rik Mayall – An Autobiography” (Yawn.)

Instead, the book was titled “Bigger than Hitler, Better than Christ”  (What?!!)

This is a massive power title, and delivers a statement that is carried through the whole book. This is also a really good example of how good copy can deliver.

Rik Mayall, one of England’s most radical and innovative comedians of the eighties, is constantly banging on about how good he is.

The title is meant to be amusing and I hope you take it that way. No one should ever consider this a serious statement, This is typical Rik Mayall.

The title captured my attention. You must try and do the same with your possible audience. I am thinking the title of this article caught your attention because you needed to find out what may cause offence. I deliberately added “This may offend!” as it made you, the reader, more interested and curious in the possible content.

In short, never underestimate the power of a good title. It must be engaging and interesting. It doesn’t need to be shocking like this book’s title, but it does need to grab your readers and pull them into the article.

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