Google’s May Day Update – Good News For The Little Guys

There was a right old rumpus about the “May Day” update, but to be honest, I think it’s a lot of fuss about nothing.

Yes, an Algorithmic change was made by Google. But over 400 changes were made last year. These tweaks are for the benefit of the searcher and mostly minor, so we shouldn’t get too caught up in this.

Some have said they have lost traffic and maybe that’s because of the keywords that they have within their sites. This May Day change has concentrated on Long-Tail Keywords with the view to helping the smaller sites gain better results in the SERPs and trying to match up the best sites to Long-Tailed queries (Others have happily noticed a rise in their Long-tail search results).

Maybe a review of keywords is in order. Look at it from a searcher’s perspective. With this latest change, a thorough research into further Long-tails seems logical and appropriate.

Google’s stance is simple; They are trying to access the best sites most suited to the search. More specific searches are always going to be Longtail. This had to happen, with the volume of sites out there right now, it just makes sense. 

Matt Cutts said that we shouldn’t be worried about any drops in traffic (easily said, I guess!) but he also gave some sterling, tried and tested advice. A kind of SEO Mantra…

“Have you got the highest quality site?

Are you showing up for the most relevant searches?

What can you do in terms of adding great content?

Are you making sure you are being considered as an authority?

Is your content useful?”

My Fiancee just asked who Matt Cutts is. I explained he is the Yoda of the SEO world. So my fellow Jedi, use the force (our tried and tested SEO methods). Embrace the update and use it to your advantage,  we will be ok!

Google’s Matt Cutts.

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