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I have always been under the impression that the only way you could get social bookmarking (or any other plug in) on a wordpress blog was to sign up to a host. I found this really hard to understand…You just have to have this as an option at the base of article.

In fact, This is a quote from WordPress’s own help pages (talking about plugins) –
However, they are only applicable to privately-hosted blogs and web sites using the software. Plugins are not permitted on for various security reasons“.


So, before today, I was under the assumption you would need a host, say Fasthosts, buy a domain which you host with Fasthost, and then set up a wordpress site using your own domain. Only then, could you actually have social bookmarks at the end of each post.

Social bookmarking is oh so important. You have to give your readers the chance to share and broadcast your work. if you do not, you are missing out on a potentially massive audience share.

It is with great joy that I can tell you about Perlita Labs, who have come up with a Social Bookmark Link Creator for!

You can check out this excellent application and fine coding HERE.

The beauty of this is it’s ease of use (it has been created with in mind) and another real plus is that it actually works!

I am not going to give instructions because it’s so easy to follow. It produces HTML code which you just add to the bottom of your post in the post’s HTML page.


An example in action –

Add to DeliciousAdd to DiggAdd to FaceBookAdd to Google BookmarkAdd to MySpaceAdd to NewsvineAdd to RedditAdd to StumbleUponAdd to TechnoratiAdd to Twitter

And above, a lovely little line of social bookmarks on a page. Nice!


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