What Is SEO?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process required to get a high position within the  search results on Google / other search engines results pages.

Whitehat SEO* is the organic process of achieving these results rather than paying for them (SEM – Search Engine Marketing). Whitehat SEO* involves a more natural approach – relevant engaging copy, keyword research, links.

To do so successfully, some rules need to be followed.

The first rule, the golden rule, is content is key. It doesn’t matter what other SEO or SEM tactics you employ, if your site is uninspiring, not original or doesn’t offer anything in terms of value, then give up now. You have to have a site that PEOPLE want to read. I say PEOPLE rather than SEARCH ENGINES as you are writing for humans, humans who want to read, learn and even join in your conversation.

You will learn that everything comes back to good, engaging copy.

Keyword Research should be the first stage of your writing process. Please check out my simple but effective guide to Keyword Research – “Digging for Gold” . Excellent copy backed up with strong keywords is half the battle.

Writing good copy has it’s own set of rules. Remember, online is very competitive. You need to drag your audience to your site with an alluring title. Your content should include a keyword in title, if possible. You should then limit keywords to 5% max in your copy. Check out all my tips on perfect web copy.

Next up, You need links. You want strong links, to a similar themed site. This sits well with Google. Links represent to the search engines that there is a real relevance and importance to your site if other people are linking. Links will not come overnight, but if you follow everything I have written so far, they will come. More SEO Link tips for you.

Now, you need to be consistent.

Consistent with your article submissions – Google and Humans like to see fresh content. try to add whenever you can, But no waffling (as I have said….add value, add new unique content)

Now, take advantage of all the Social Media channels that you can. They are there for you to broadcast your site. The results will really lift you. I have written a few articles on this but to help you along;

For help with Twitter.

For help with Linkedin.

For help with Stumble Upon.

And general Social Media help.

(Make sure with facebook, you take full advantage of what is on offer. Join relevant groups, create your own group and push your site to the masses.)

SEO is not alchemy, SEO is not a special talent. SEO is a way of getting to the top and producing an exciting and unique site along the way. SEO is always respecting how search engines do what they do, but it is just as important, if not more, to please the human reader. SEO is following the rules.

*As opposed to Black Hat SEO – These techniques break search engine rules and regulations with the Human reader suffering. Black Hat SEO is a short lived, short sighted way of obtaining high ranking. Sites using these methods will have no quality for the Human reader, with all the emphasis on Search Engines.


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