SEO – Does it work?

Simple answer, very much so!

This blog has been loitering around page 12 of Google search for “seo copywriter uk“.

I deliberately left the blog with no real SEO processes in place, I wanted to see how it would perform without any SEO tactics. On the 17th January, I pimped a couple of articles with strong keywords and tags.

The result was the best I could hope for – Page 1 on Google and Page 1 on Bing!

Page 1 on Google Search (position 3rd)

I had to check again, I just couldn’t believe it! (I know it’s a fairly niche search, but I wanted to determine how effective SEO is at manipulating the search engines)

I am writing this to show that a little SEO TLC will work wonders for your site. It’s not a brag (although I am very proud!) but will hopefully inspire others to think about their site and how it can be improved.

Page 1 on Bing Search (position 2nd)

SEO works wonders, Now go get page 1 for yourself!

Need some help? start with the basics. My keyword research guide shows you how, in simple, easy to understand steps.


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