Quick tips on SEO Copywriting

I received this comment and thought it would be good to publish my answer, it is essentially what SEO copywriting is all about.

I still don’t have any idea about organic keywords and been so desperate to rank my site’ Katerina, ‘Howtowriteasonghq.com’

Hi Katerina,

I had a quick look at your site. You have used the following as meta keywords ‘how to write a song, recording software, songwriting, recording equipment, songwriting tips, how to make a song, how to write lyrics’.

Although the meta keywords are not too important these days, it’s a good indication of what keyphrases you are targetting.

My advice would be to further research these phrases and go for niche searches. You can follow my guide to keyword research.

Once you have a good list of non competing keywords, you need to turn your talents to SEO copywriting. Go back over your sites copy and add in keywords where you can. You are looking for a max of 5% keywords to copy, and you want to keep it reading well for the human audience. Use keywords in titles and then in headers (H1, H2…).

After that, you need to look to generate links. Do this by writing a stunning piece of original copy that other sites would like to link to. Don’t be shy, contact those sites to let them know about your new article and ask them if they would like to link to it. Ask them to use a specific anchor text for the link (something you want to rank well with like ‘how to write a song’). Like below –

If you want to know how to write a song, check out this cool site.

(There you go, a link for you!)

Your site looks great and is easily navigated, I was on a while! That’s half the battle, keeping your readers engaged and entertained. Sprinkling in your keyphrases into the titles and text will see your position on search increase.

Don’t forget to use social media to your advantage. SU.pr in the music category on stumble upon should bring in a whole load of fresh traffic for you.

Keep at it!


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