The importance of finding a professional SEO Copywriter

My latest client realises the true importance of finding a professional SEO Copywriter and web designer after having a series of negative issues concerning their website. And I am understating when I say this!

I am very proud of my work for NI Black Taxi Tours, both in the design and optimisation. This was a project which I completed as an individual, correcting the previous mess of a website and turning it into something beautiful and heavily search engine optimised.

It hasn’t been recrawled by Google yet, but it will be a page 1 search result for the term ‘Belfast Black Taxi Tours‘. I am that confident.

I have to be. These guys have suffered at the hands of some pretty cowboy-ish web design and Internet marketing. When I heard the stories, I felt bad for them. There is no professional standards for some ‘web designers’ and many companies get stung by an inferior service.

I say ‘web designers’ with a massive pinch of salt. The site was designed in flash, meaning there was nothing for Google to pick up on. The lack of visible content for search engines meant this site was found on page 12 for the search term listed above.

There were further client / designer difficulties, but that doesn’t need to be detailed here. I have and will continue to make myself available for the new clients. If a change to the site is required, it will happen.

And this is how it should be.

The clients were also paying vast sums to an American chap to run their Adwords campaign, which left me very concerned.

Luckily, with my optimisation in place, Adwords can be a thing of the past.

What I am trying to say is, when choosing an SEO Copywriter, make sure you check their work history. Ask to see some results. This should be very starightforward for a competent SEO Copywriter. I would even give you access to past customers that are happy to give a positive confirmation on my services.

The importance of finding a professional SEO Copywriter and web designer is clear.

Just don’t go for the cowboys.


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