How do I add social media buttons to widget area in

If you need to add social media buttons to widget area in, just follow these simple steps. I cover facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest below.

Is it tricky to add social media buttons to the widget area in Can you cut and paste?!

The widget area is a useful part of your blog, the ‘Text’ box being the most important widget. In this box you can write whatever you want, you can also add images to the widget area too. (‘Widgets’ is found in the ‘Appearance’ section of your WordPress dashboard).

The ‘Text’ box can take HTML code and that’s what you will need to add the social media buttons (do not worry, you do not need to know HTML, just cut and paste the code from a choice of button styles).

Facebook & Twitter Social Media Buttons

1) Drag a ‘Text’ box to your desired location in the widget area.

2) There are lots of websites where you can paste code for your social media buttons. I really like, some nice choices for facebook and Twitter. Choose either social network and add your social network URL into the box provided on their site.

social media buttons for wordpress

3) You can choose from different designs that have an HTML code for you to use on your blog – These are all now bespoke HTML codes for you (providing you have pasted in your URL as in point 2).

4) Cut and paste the code below the design of your choice into the ‘text’ widget. Hit save.


Pinterest Social Media Button

pinterest buttons for wordpress

For Pinterest, go to their ‘Goodies’ page on their site and scroll down until you see the “Follow Button” for websites. Select the design and paste the code into your ‘Text’ widget.

Now just tweak the HTML code, changing USERNAME for your actual Pinterest username.


Linkedin Social Media Button

1) Copy and paste this URL into your browser: You will be asked to log into your Linkedin account.

2) Back in ‘Widgets’, choose the design you want and paste the code into a ‘Text’ box. There is no need for any changes to the code as Linkedin provides the actual code for your account (so make sure you have logged in with the actual account that you wish to direct people to!!!).

And that is how you add social media buttons to widget area in

If you have any questions or need some wordpress advice, you can leave a comment or email me at


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