How do I feed my articles onto facebook and Twitter?

It’s important to get your content out there into the Social Networks, you will be amazed at how much referral traffic you may get from your facebook page or Twitter account.

So, How do I feed my articles onto facebook and Twitter?

First up, create a facebook page for your blog. This is easy enough to do within facebook and means non friends can follow your content, much better if you want your blog to reach more people than just your friends. have a great function called Publicize, which can be found in your ‘Settings’ section, under ‘Sharing’. Just connect your blog to the networks listed and you are away.

Publicize also offers the chance to add those useful Social Media buttons to the base of each article you publish on your blog.

Another way to feed onto social networks is using a handy little app called Networkedblogs. This syndicated feed from is easy to set up and will take minutes.

Go to the Networkedblogs app on facebook, and fill in the fields required.

Now, every new blog post will feed directly onto facebook and / Twitter.

If you have any questions or need some wordpress advice, you can leave a comment or email me at


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