Lost position in Google search results? I can help!

I am excited to announce a new service which I can offer, an Unnatural Link Removal Service.

Link removal service seocopywriterukIn the past, links played a major role in the ranking of a website. Anchor text links in particular were very useful in optimising a site for a specified keyword.

Google has cracked down on this with the release of their Penguin update back in 2012.

If the site that was linking was of low quality or authority, a web directory or link farm, Penguin hammered the site that received the link.

Sites that had a lot of link SEO started to feel the penguin pinch and started to sink down the search results. New Penguin updates continue to roll out from Google, with each one being more strict than the last.

I have managed to give such websites that suffered a cleaner backlink profile, helping them to return to their previous positions in search.

I now offer a (no obligation) FREE Backlink Report with advice of what needs to happen next, if any action is required. My process is fast and efficient and more cost effective than an SEO agency.

Click HERE to find out more and claim your free backlink report! Let’s get your site cleaned up and ranking again.


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