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Quite possibly the best Copywriting Infographic in the World….

Seriously, this is the business! Big thanks to ABC Copywriting for producing such a valuable resource for all copywriters.

If you want to be a (better) copywriter, you really need to read this.



SEO Copywriter UK Blog 2012 in review kindly prepared a 2012 annual report for the SEO Copywriter UK blog. A great year for me personally, with page 1 Google search results for my clients. Here’s to an even better 2013.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,800 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 8 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Latest Client News – Galactables!

I am still working on this site, taking control of both the design and SEO. I am excited by the prospects of Galactables. They sell vintage, graded Star Wars figures and needed the site to have a little more sparkle as well as a better e-commerce platform.

star wars shop

I have gone for a highly competitive (and high converting) keyphrase – ‘Star Wars Shop‘.

This is still work in progress, but I want big things for Galactables, I want that Google page 1 for Star Wars Shop! I have already achieved page 1 for ‘We Buy Collections’ and ‘Vintage Action Figures For Sale’.

Latest Client News – Colossus Security

A great looking site, just not performing too well in search results! (This is where I come in).

Although it is early days, I am hoping for big things with Colossus (get it?!). We have targeted the popular search term ‘security in London‘. This does have a huge search volume monthly, but it also has high competition.

security in london

We also went for ‘close protection UK‘, which was less competitive and should help the security business with better visibility.

How to embed a YouTube Video into a WordPress blog post

This is a very simple process, but here’s a quick guide on how to embed a YouTube video into a wordpress blog post.

Let’s say we want a video to be embedded below this line of text.

1) Go to YouTube and find the video you want to embed. Click the ‘Share’ button and then the ‘Embed’ button.

2) If you wish to, change the size of the video size and copy the embed HTML code.

3) Paste the code into the HTML page of your blog post. Just click the HTML tab at the top right of your new post entry.

4) Click back to ‘Visual’ tab, and publish.

5) That’s it! Your blog now has embedded video content!

If you have any questions or need some wordpress advice, you can leave a comment or email me at

The importance of finding a professional SEO Copywriter

My latest client realises the true importance of finding a professional SEO Copywriter and web designer after having a series of negative issues concerning their website. And I am understating when I say this!

I am very proud of my work for NI Black Taxi Tours, both in the design and optimisation. This was a project which I completed as an individual, correcting the previous mess of a website and turning it into something beautiful and heavily search engine optimised.

It hasn’t been recrawled by Google yet, but it will be a page 1 search result for the term ‘Belfast Black Taxi Tours‘. I am that confident.

I have to be. These guys have suffered at the hands of some pretty cowboy-ish web design and Internet marketing. When I heard the stories, I felt bad for them. There is no professional standards for some ‘web designers’ and many companies get stung by an inferior service.

I say ‘web designers’ with a massive pinch of salt. The site was designed in flash, meaning there was nothing for Google to pick up on. The lack of visible content for search engines meant this site was found on page 12 for the search term listed above.

There were further client / designer difficulties, but that doesn’t need to be detailed here. I have and will continue to make myself available for the new clients. If a change to the site is required, it will happen.

And this is how it should be.

The clients were also paying vast sums to an American chap to run their Adwords campaign, which left me very concerned.

Luckily, with my optimisation in place, Adwords can be a thing of the past.

What I am trying to say is, when choosing an SEO Copywriter, make sure you check their work history. Ask to see some results. This should be very starightforward for a competent SEO Copywriter. I would even give you access to past customers that are happy to give a positive confirmation on my services.

The importance of finding a professional SEO Copywriter and web designer is clear.

Just don’t go for the cowboys.

Page 1 For An Awesome Search Term

Questions as targeted keywords can be very effective. I recently worked on a blog post for the awesome Luxury Riad Hotel in Marrakech, Les Borjs de la Kasbah. The post was regarding Hammams.

A quick bit of research led me to the conclusion that ‘What is a hammam?‘ would work as an optimised title. Not sure what a hammam is? Go Google it, we are on page 1!

Latest Client News

I have been working on optimising the website Mindflow Counselling, for Susan Wertheim, a bereavement therapist and counsellor in Hertfordshire. You can probably spot my targeted keywords from the previous sentence!

I fully believe in Susan’s approach and wish her the best success with the website and all the traffic from page 1 it will bring!

Quick tips on SEO Copywriting

I received this comment and thought it would be good to publish my answer, it is essentially what SEO copywriting is all about.

I still don’t have any idea about organic keywords and been so desperate to rank my site’ Katerina, ‘’

Hi Katerina,

I had a quick look at your site. You have used the following as meta keywords ‘how to write a song, recording software, songwriting, recording equipment, songwriting tips, how to make a song, how to write lyrics’.

Although the meta keywords are not too important these days, it’s a good indication of what keyphrases you are targetting.

My advice would be to further research these phrases and go for niche searches. You can follow my guide to keyword research.

Once you have a good list of non competing keywords, you need to turn your talents to SEO copywriting. Go back over your sites copy and add in keywords where you can. You are looking for a max of 5% keywords to copy, and you want to keep it reading well for the human audience. Use keywords in titles and then in headers (H1, H2…).

After that, you need to look to generate links. Do this by writing a stunning piece of original copy that other sites would like to link to. Don’t be shy, contact those sites to let them know about your new article and ask them if they would like to link to it. Ask them to use a specific anchor text for the link (something you want to rank well with like ‘how to write a song’). Like below –

If you want to know how to write a song, check out this cool site.

(There you go, a link for you!)

Your site looks great and is easily navigated, I was on a while! That’s half the battle, keeping your readers engaged and entertained. Sprinkling in your keyphrases into the titles and text will see your position on search increase.

Don’t forget to use social media to your advantage. in the music category on stumble upon should bring in a whole load of fresh traffic for you.

Keep at it!

What Is SEO?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process required to get a high position within the  search results on Google / other search engines results pages.

Whitehat SEO* is the organic process of achieving these results rather than paying for them (SEM – Search Engine Marketing). Whitehat SEO* involves a more natural approach – relevant engaging copy, keyword research, links.

To do so successfully, some rules need to be followed.

The first rule, the golden rule, is content is key. It doesn’t matter what other SEO or SEM tactics you employ, if your site is uninspiring, not original or doesn’t offer anything in terms of value, then give up now. You have to have a site that PEOPLE want to read. I say PEOPLE rather than SEARCH ENGINES as you are writing for humans, humans who want to read, learn and even join in your conversation.

You will learn that everything comes back to good, engaging copy.

Keyword Research should be the first stage of your writing process. Please check out my simple but effective guide to Keyword Research – “Digging for Gold” . Excellent copy backed up with strong keywords is half the battle.

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Keyword Search – Digging for Gold! (via Seo Copywriter UK)

I have given my site a makeover, and wanted to share it with you!

Hope you like the new look…..

Here is a revisit to my favourite post so far, a real simple guide to keyword research.

Keyword Search - Digging for Gold! All too often, People are obsessed with Keywords in terms of SEO. Part of me agrees with this, but there are many other tricks that have to be deployed to get you to the top of Google. However, Keyword research is VITAL if you wish to succeed and do not let anyone tell you different. Before embarking on any SEO project, You must have researched your keywords. Good knowledge of Keywords will allow you to manipulate your copy using Keywords in text … Read More

via Seo Copywriter UK

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The Importance of a Power Title – This May Offend!

The very first thing that your readers will look at will be your article’s title. It is so important that you maximise this chance to pull your readers in. A non descriptive title or an un-interesting title will do you no favours. 

I have pondered long about writing about this particular books title – it is meant to demonstrate the Power of a good title rather than cause offence. The title is so audaciously “tongue in cheek” that it converted me into a buyer. (I need to stress that I do not share the title’s statement as a point of view, but I am going to be brave and say I found it funny, albeit in a shocking way)

The book could have been called “Rik Mayall – An Autobiography” (Yawn.)

Instead, the book was titled “Bigger than Hitler, Better than Christ”  (What?!!)

This is a massive power title, and delivers a statement that is carried through the whole book. This is also a really good example of how good copy can deliver.

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LinkedIn Power!! Maximise your site’s traffic.


LinkedIn is often regarded as a job seeking / networking tool. Be assured, It is so much more!

I recently wrote about the Greatness of Twitter and I stand by all that I said. LinkedIn can do EXACTLY the same for you, but maybe due to the nature of the People signed up to LinkedIn, you can direct your site’s articles to people of real relevance and to a more professional audience.

(Before I get blasted by a load of twits, I do not mean there is a lack of professionalism on Twitter! I am simply offering advice on another social media channel and implying that it might go to a more professional audience with LinkedIn….I’m digging a hole here….You know what I mean, so please no one take offense!)

LinkedIn is a well respected site, Google appreciates this and treats the pages accordingly. LinkedIn is as important as Facebook or Twitter in your social media campaign. 65 Million members that you can direct your site’s articles to and generate interest from a new, different targeted audience is priceless.

SEO TIP 1 – When you are setting up your profile, LinkedIn will supply you with a Public Profile URL. This will be a bog standard URL and will not do anything for you in terms of SEO. Edit this (In Edit My Profile). I have just changed mine and it reads so much better for me! (

SEO TIP 2 – Part of your profile asks you to list your Websites / Blogs in “Additional Information”. The mistake 9 out of 10 of us would make is an easy one, and just as easy to rectify. The section will have a drop down list “My website, My company, My Blog” and so on. Most entries at this point would be the default “website”, don’t follow the crowd! Go to the last choice which is “Other”. This will then give you a box to type into. I have just typed in “SEO Copywriter UK”. This is so much better in terms of SEO and in general appearance than just plain old “Website”.

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How To Write Perfect Web Copy


Writing web copy is not the same as writing a book. Your Audience will not read every single word on your web page, You must follow the points below to ensure your point is still taken in.

* Title – Make this meaningful. Let your audience know whats coming.

* First Paragraph – An absolute corker first paragraph that must contain everything you want to get across. This has to be very descriptive of the text below. Most web pages are scanned after this point and not read in full – This first paragraph could be your last chance to snare them before they go off somewhere else.

* Short punchy sentences – will retain readers attention for longer periods. Do not over complicate.

* Short Paragraphs – Unlike a book, web text needs to be broken up. It must be easier on the eye. When confronted with a page full of text, readers will turn off.

* Sub Titles – are great for breaking up text and offering a new topic of interest.

* Bullet points – short, punchy, effective, matter of fact, brilliant!

Also offering a reward for getting to the end of your web page is good too! Maybe a link to a similar theme, or a “order now” tab. Do not let your reader come to a dead end, it’s up to you to lead them on.

Good Copywriting Creating Action

You must use your copy to turn your passive readers into compulsive action takers!

You are asking your readers to engage within your site, and this is essential if you are looking for any kind of end product (maybe a sale?) from them.

Offer the chance of engagement and convert your audience into action takers.

The obvious progression is a “buy now / order now” function, but there is so much more that you can offer.

Competitions are great for building a connection between you and your audience. The same can be said for freebies – free advice, free design templates, free recipes.

Signing up for your Ezine or RSS feeds is another example of somehow retaining your possible reader (customer).

It all comes back to the Audience being the important factor here. Offer something of worth to them and they will keep coming back.

Are You Writing For Search Engines?

Yes? then stop right now!

It is fantastic when Google sends tons of traffic your way, with great organic ranking, but please remember that Google will not buy a thing from you.

It’s your audience that are important. Your readers are who you need to reach out to.

You need to know who your readers are. Different audiences require different copy.

(You would never send a love note to your to your Doctor…apply the same technique – differing content – to your copy)

When you start to think about writing content;

Never write for Search Engines – Let the SEO come after the copy.

Never write for you – It’s not about you, it never has been and never will be! Your audience and the different ways that you may need to communicate with them is all that is important.

Write solely for your target audience with captivating, engaging copy.

My Grandad should have been a Copywriter….

I fondly remember as a child some of the tales my Grandad used to tell me. He was a great story teller and I would listen intently to his adventures of the past. It may have been about struggling to bring up my old man in the East end or, if I was lucky, he would go into Uncle Albert mode (Only Fools and Horses) and start of with the classic line “During the war….”.

A master raconteur he certainly was and these skills run parallel with creating great copy.

Copy has to be (Obviously) interesting, engaging and have a purpose. But, more than this, it has to be natural – from your heart and soul. Cliched, I know, but it’s true. The best way to keep people entertained and absorbed is to be yourself.

Develop your own writing style, but let it grow organically, let it be you. I really believe that this is the only way to grip your audience in the manner you need to be a successful Copywriter.