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UK Charity Fundraising just got really interesting…and a little bit MAD!

There’s a new UK charity fundraising concept on the scene called M.A.D. (Make a Difference) and I am proud to say I am part of the team. They’re offering charities a risk-free way to fundraise by donating all of the profits to your chosen charity when you buy jewellery from their online store.

Clever! This should provide a MASSIVE boost to UK Charity Fundraising.

The M.A.D. store launches on the 1st May – but in the meantime they’re launching the concept on Facebook and you can get involved with the chance of winning a £1,000 donation for YOUR chosen charity!

UK Charity Fundraising

Here’s how it works:

Visit and like the Facebook page:

Vote for your favourite charity :

The top voted charity at the end of the campaign will win a donation of £1,000!

PLUS: once you’re following M.A.D.’s page you’ll get the chance to take part in daily giveaways, as well as fortnightly competition with high value diamond prizes. I can also let you know on the quiet that a fabulous new prize worth £1,500 is about to be launched…ssssh!

Like I said, UK Charity Fundraising just got really interesting. Now please SHARE the news!


Exciting times for budget Social Media!

SEO Copywriter UK has pulled together a team of Social Media experts to run a new budget social media service under the brand name ‘Social Network Builder’. I am so pumped for this!

Predominantly Facebook management, the service also offers competitive pricing on all social networks, with low base rates linked to further incentives for growth of page – can’t say fairer than that!

Social Network Builder

Social Network Builder has a shiny new website, which details our budget social media pricing.

We know our methods work. Two pages on Facebook have gained over 2900 likes between them, in just one month.

If you are looking for a budget social media service, Social Network Builder is ready to help! And, we will deliver!

What size should my Facebook cover image be?…And other super useful social network dimensions

What size should my Facebook cover image be? Or, for that matter, any other image sizes on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and all the others???

This is such a useful image dimension cheat sheet, Thanks to Luna Metrics…you legends!

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SEO Copywriter UK Blog 2012 in review kindly prepared a 2012 annual report for the SEO Copywriter UK blog. A great year for me personally, with page 1 Google search results for my clients. Here’s to an even better 2013.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,800 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 8 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

How do I feed my articles onto facebook and Twitter?

It’s important to get your content out there into the Social Networks, you will be amazed at how much referral traffic you may get from your facebook page or Twitter account.

So, How do I feed my articles onto facebook and Twitter?

First up, create a facebook page for your blog. This is easy enough to do within facebook and means non friends can follow your content, much better if you want your blog to reach more people than just your friends. have a great function called Publicize, which can be found in your ‘Settings’ section, under ‘Sharing’. Just connect your blog to the networks listed and you are away.

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How do I add social media buttons to widget area in

If you need to add social media buttons to widget area in, just follow these simple steps. I cover facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest below.

Is it tricky to add social media buttons to the widget area in Can you cut and paste?!

The widget area is a useful part of your blog, the ‘Text’ box being the most important widget. In this box you can write whatever you want, you can also add images to the widget area too. (‘Widgets’ is found in the ‘Appearance’ section of your WordPress dashboard).

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How to embed a YouTube Video into a WordPress blog post

This is a very simple process, but here’s a quick guide on how to embed a YouTube video into a wordpress blog post.

Let’s say we want a video to be embedded below this line of text.

1) Go to YouTube and find the video you want to embed. Click the ‘Share’ button and then the ‘Embed’ button.

2) If you wish to, change the size of the video size and copy the embed HTML code.

3) Paste the code into the HTML page of your blog post. Just click the HTML tab at the top right of your new post entry.

4) Click back to ‘Visual’ tab, and publish.

5) That’s it! Your blog now has embedded video content!

If you have any questions or need some wordpress advice, you can leave a comment or email me at

A New Exciting Website

I have produced the ultimate coffee break website, perfect for all you facebook fans out there.

Facebook Competition UK is the best place to go for all the latest facebook competitions in the UK. All the comps details and links all in one place!

Be Lucky!

What Is SEO?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process required to get a high position within the  search results on Google / other search engines results pages.

Whitehat SEO* is the organic process of achieving these results rather than paying for them (SEM – Search Engine Marketing). Whitehat SEO* involves a more natural approach – relevant engaging copy, keyword research, links.

To do so successfully, some rules need to be followed.

The first rule, the golden rule, is content is key. It doesn’t matter what other SEO or SEM tactics you employ, if your site is uninspiring, not original or doesn’t offer anything in terms of value, then give up now. You have to have a site that PEOPLE want to read. I say PEOPLE rather than SEARCH ENGINES as you are writing for humans, humans who want to read, learn and even join in your conversation.

You will learn that everything comes back to good, engaging copy.

Keyword Research should be the first stage of your writing process. Please check out my simple but effective guide to Keyword Research – “Digging for Gold” . Excellent copy backed up with strong keywords is half the battle.

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I posted a “How To” get social bookmarks on wordpress on August 23rd – “Social Bookmarking For“. I was very happy with this and with the simplicity of this feature.

The only problem with this was it involved a manual input with each individual post. Not a huge problem, when you consider the benefits.

As of August 25th (2 days after post), announced a new feature. A fully automated “Share This” feature – it’s at the bottom of this post.


So, Ignore my original Social Bookmarking post, there is a much easier way!

1) In WordPress dashboard, go to “Settings”.

2) Open sharing tab.

3) Choose from available services (facebook, twitter, stumble upon etc). Save changes and you now have automatic social bookmarking options for each post you write.

To find out more go to

So my original post was valid for 2 days, a bittersweet frustration.

Thankyou WordPress for introducing Sharing option, it was about time!

Social Bookmarking For

I have always been under the impression that the only way you could get social bookmarking (or any other plug in) on a wordpress blog was to sign up to a host. I found this really hard to understand…You just have to have this as an option at the base of article.

In fact, This is a quote from WordPress’s own help pages (talking about plugins) –
However, they are only applicable to privately-hosted blogs and web sites using the software. Plugins are not permitted on for various security reasons“.


So, before today, I was under the assumption you would need a host, say Fasthosts, buy a domain which you host with Fasthost, and then set up a wordpress site using your own domain. Only then, could you actually have social bookmarks at the end of each post.

Social bookmarking is oh so important. You have to give your readers the chance to share and broadcast your work. if you do not, you are missing out on a potentially massive audience share.

It is with great joy that I can tell you about Perlita Labs, who have come up with a Social Bookmark Link Creator for!

You can check out this excellent application and fine coding HERE.

The beauty of this is it’s ease of use (it has been created with in mind) and another real plus is that it actually works!

I am not going to give instructions because it’s so easy to follow. It produces HTML code which you just add to the bottom of your post in the post’s HTML page.


An example in action –

Add to DeliciousAdd to DiggAdd to FaceBookAdd to Google BookmarkAdd to MySpaceAdd to NewsvineAdd to RedditAdd to StumbleUponAdd to TechnoratiAdd to Twitter

And above, a lovely little line of social bookmarks on a page. Nice!

What Is Foursquare?… And What Can Foursquare Do For Me?

What Is Foursquare?

When I first encountered Foursquare, I wasn’t sure. I couldn’t see if it would be worth my time, I couldn’t see the point – I was happy enough with my Facebook and Twitter.

Then I looked deeper and realised Foursquare will work on two levels.

As a user, this GPS based app could change and enhance your social life in a similar way that Facebook already has done. As this becomes more widespread, You will be able to see exactly where your friends are, and what they are up to.

This Geo-tagging, location based software suddenly turns the internet upside down. instead of being global – The world wide web –  Foursquare concentrates on what is happening in your close proximity.

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Learn from an SEO Guru…

Charlie’s Guide To SEO

Enjoy this video short. Maybe not too educational, but the basics are covered!!!

Add to DeliciousAdd to DiggAdd to FaceBookAdd to Google BookmarkAdd to MySpaceAdd to NewsvineAdd to RedditAdd to StumbleUponAdd to TechnoratiAdd to Twitter

So, You Need Traffic? Get Social!

Social Media is taking over the world!

But, seriously, this new Media is as exciting as it gets. From tiny acorns (friends reunited – ok, not so tiny) to the might of Facebook, this is the preferred method of communications.

Facebook users total over 400 million, with 50% of active users logging on each day.

Twitter have over 20 million users, Stumble Upon are getting close to 10 million users. LinkedIn has over 65 million in 200 countries.

Enough stats!

Use these Social Media channels to your own advantage. Join relevant groups on Facebook, Find Tweeters with similar interests on Twitter, Join LinkedIn and find your peers and the groups they have formed. Make sure you use Stumble upon in the best way – Use, it’s great for promoting your site’s content to different web users.

When you have joined with everyone relevant to your site in the Social media platforms listed above, get your site’s content out there.

If you have content that adds value to the Internet and not regurgitated someone else’s copy, If you have good, interesting pieces Your peers will welcome your posts.

Make you Titles for these really snappy, It may lead to curiousity and more importantly, a click to your site.

Going back to those crazy stats…You cannot ignore these numbers, some of whom can and will become your audience.

Stumble Upon – Web Discovery Tool..and More!!

Stumble Upon is a fantastic Search Engine that is really useful for researching purposes.

You may have your blog / website up and running and are considering your next article. I would recommend using Stumble Upon in tandem with your usual search engine as it throws up very different results.

The great thing about Stumble Upon is all the results have been rated by the other Stumblers – There are nearly 10 million users of Stumble Upon.

Another benefit to Stumble Upon is the tool This is a super tool for directing traffic to your site. I have been shocked by level of traffic generated!

With, you can add your sites content, article by article, to Stumble Upon. Watch your traffic soar!

If you haven’t used Stumble Upon for research – do so from this point on.

If you haven’t used for Traffic Generation – You are seriously missing out!!

LinkedIn Power!! Maximise your site’s traffic.


LinkedIn is often regarded as a job seeking / networking tool. Be assured, It is so much more!

I recently wrote about the Greatness of Twitter and I stand by all that I said. LinkedIn can do EXACTLY the same for you, but maybe due to the nature of the People signed up to LinkedIn, you can direct your site’s articles to people of real relevance and to a more professional audience.

(Before I get blasted by a load of twits, I do not mean there is a lack of professionalism on Twitter! I am simply offering advice on another social media channel and implying that it might go to a more professional audience with LinkedIn….I’m digging a hole here….You know what I mean, so please no one take offense!)

LinkedIn is a well respected site, Google appreciates this and treats the pages accordingly. LinkedIn is as important as Facebook or Twitter in your social media campaign. 65 Million members that you can direct your site’s articles to and generate interest from a new, different targeted audience is priceless.

SEO TIP 1 – When you are setting up your profile, LinkedIn will supply you with a Public Profile URL. This will be a bog standard URL and will not do anything for you in terms of SEO. Edit this (In Edit My Profile). I have just changed mine and it reads so much better for me! (

SEO TIP 2 – Part of your profile asks you to list your Websites / Blogs in “Additional Information”. The mistake 9 out of 10 of us would make is an easy one, and just as easy to rectify. The section will have a drop down list “My website, My company, My Blog” and so on. Most entries at this point would be the default “website”, don’t follow the crowd! Go to the last choice which is “Other”. This will then give you a box to type into. I have just typed in “SEO Copywriter UK”. This is so much better in terms of SEO and in general appearance than just plain old “Website”.

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Twitter – Ultimate Networking


So, Your site is up and running. You now need to shout about it, let everyone know about it.

Twitter can help you in so many ways to make sure your content gets through to the right people.

First things first, and I guess this is fairly obvious….Sign up with a Twitter account, listing your own interests and add you site details.

Then you need to check out, Twitter’s “yellow pages”. Here you can search on fellow Twitter users ( I searched “SEO Copywriter” which gave me over 200 results).

Start following these guys, they are your industry peers and it’s good to talk to each other. Some will reciprocate your follow and you will have the start of your audience.

Now, get writing some juicy content. When you feel this is good enough for Tweeting, get it out there.

What would really help to get your article to the correct people is the use of hashtags….

Follow the @hashtags Twitter user ( It will follow you back automatically, and this enables the service to recognize and index your hashtags.

Inserting # before a word makes you more open to searches. If I wanted to get an SEO themed article out to as many people, I would use “#SEO Twitter – Ultimate Networking”. (This is the title of the article you are reading right now, preceeded by #SEO) This will now be more visible on Twitter and your possible audience will grow significantly.

If you are not sure of what would make a good hashtag, do a search in the Twitter search bar. (#SEO brings up absolutely loads of Tweets, so it would be natural to assume it would work for you too.)

Twitter is more than just a micro blogging site, it’s functions are seemingly endless. In terms of Networking and getting your content noticed, with twitter you can shout….very loud!