I have always enjoyed great writing and I have found that the more personable the text, the more I have taken from it.

Of Mice and Men (Steinbeck) will always remain a favourite….being called Lennie at School was perhaps a little cruel of my peers (!) but I believe I empathised with both leading characters. 

George Orwell’s Animal Farm is another gem. The story itself will soften the hardest of hearts whilst the political allegory is very clever and correct.

For me, the real big hitter – Hemingway – has written some of the most descriptive and powerful copy I have read. Just check out his short stories “Big Two Hearted River” parts 1 and 2. You will feel like you are fishing with the big man himself.

Charles Bukowski is a dirtier, more coarse version of Hemingway and I love him all the more for it.

My favourite book is actually AA Gill’s Sap Rising. I have always enjoyed Mr Gill’s work but with Sap Rising, he has created a work of literary genius that is utterly filthy and very funny.

All the writers that have inspired me have the ability to retain the readers focus, ask questions of the reader and engage and excite. It is no coincidence that this is, for me, the very foundations of good copywriting.


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