Blowing one’s own trumpet is not very attractive, but there is nothing wrong in believing in yourself!    

My professional, consistent, natural approach always produces the desired end product.  Don’t just listen to me! Below are the reasons why you need me for your SEO Copywriting…    

“Paul has written some excellent articles on Demijohn’s products giving a fair and informative critique of the products which has led to more sales from our online service. It is good to see good writing online in a succinct, professional way.” Fenella Taylor PR for Demijohn, the liquid deli.    

“Paul really knows his way around the web and perhaps more importantly understands how SEO theory & practice are integrated . . . I highly recommend Paul.” Noelle Adam – Fashion Designer – www.noelleadam.com     

Sara Tye (Redhead PR) said ‘Paul is an amazing writer.  I always use him when I need good advice on the theme and structure of the piece we are pulling together. He is a natural creative writer which is key these days when so much material is around.  I would recommend Paul every time”.    

“Paul’s writing abilities are certainly not in question. What impresses, when working with Paul, is his ability to transfer our needs into copy but in an enticing manner. He has always remained flexible and is deadline aware! His understanding of SEO is obvious, he is the complete package!” Rosanna Mayhew www.divinechocolate.com    

“Ah shucks, thats a great review! Thanks Paul, Clem” Clem Chambers, Author of The Twain Maxim  

“Paul is a great writer to work with; he is incredibly reliable and produces great results – I would definitely recommend him!” – Melissa Hobson (Golin Harris  PR- for Toblerone)    

“It was a pleasure to deal and work with Paul, he is extremely professional, his writing was excellent and turnaround on copy exceptionally fast” – Deborah Hastie (Gem PR – for Rigby & Peller)    

“We’ve always found Paul to be super friendly and really easy to work with. He turns things around really quickly and is always accommodating when it comes to our PR demands!” – Sam Boniface (Azaria PR)    

“I often liaise with Paul regarding feature opportunities and he is a delight to work with. He is very professional, thorough and friendly but most importantly writes fantastically about my brands. I would highly recommend Paul for any copywriting services required as he is great with words, listens to your needs and wants and always delivers.” Daisy Robinson, NBPR.    

“Paul’s attention to detail whilst still crafting excellent copy is a real benefit. He listens to our needs, discusses options going forward and then works with us to ensure the end result is exactly what was required. Recommended.” Phil Hawkins, Storm Communications.    

“Paul Handley of Iconic Gifts is always an absolute pleasure to deal with, he has fantastic communication skills and deals with his business in a professional manner.  We at Giles & Posner have always been satisfied with Paul’s work, reviews and proficient approach to his work.“ Lisa Nicholson – gilesandposner.com  

“When working with Paul I was delighted with the great communication, positivity and results I received from him. I would highly recommended Paul and would not hesitate to work with him again” Jennifer Hawkins,  www.rumpus-comms.com   
“Paul wrote a review about the Swedish jewellery brand Renaissance Life a while ago, and I am very pleased with the result. He has a talent for writing!” Linnéa Götstav.  

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Paul was the brains and design behind my website http://www.galactables.com. This guy is the real-deal! No messing, no flannel, just a pure professional who prides himself on his work. He will make it his top priority that you gain loads from his SEO experience. This is the guy you are looking for!!

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