WordPress Advice

I use WordPress on a constant daily basis and because of this I have encountered problems  and more importantly, how to fix those problems. Although I am no expert, I have the experience to offer sensible and simple WordPress advice to help you through.

I make no secret of the fact that I love WordPress. I am not alone either – Google has had a long term affection for this blogging / content management system. I have even tested this out using three blogs (one WordPress, two other), using the same keywords, published on the same day. The results in search engines was impressive. Page 1 for wordpress, page 3 and 7 for the other two.

So SEO is great on WordPress. WordPress.com comes ready for SEO, WordPress.org is more powerful, with a choice of SEO plugins. My wordpress advice on SEO plugins? Go for ‘WordPress SEO by Yoast‘. In my experience, it is more effective than the others.

Here’s a screenshot of that SEO plugin in action!

I have experience of many other blogging / content management systems and none can match up to WordPress for ease of use. You are here because you need some WordPress advice, but believe me, it could be a lot worse! Some blogging platforms are headache inducing….

More WordPress advice will follow, check the category ‘WordPress advice’ for the latest tips and tricks on WordPress.


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